Milo Monday and Factory Resets

Have you ever taken away your kids electronics and then realized that the one you have actually punished is yourself?

Yea. That happened.

But also, something else cool happened. It was a great weekend.

We hung out.

Remember hanging out?

Like families used to when I was a kid.

It was relaxing and calm weekend except for all the sibling fighting that is basically a baseline occurrence and natural state of existence at our house so I’m not even counting it as a thing anymore.

All I can say is that I kept thinking that it was my perfect weekend and what I’ve always wanted a weekend to be.

So much so that we decided to do a digital detox every Sunday.

Or at least strive for it.

And I think it’ll be good our brains to have a little screen sabbath before getting back into the chaos of the week.

Because maybe my social media fast has made me realize that I’m not the only one addicted to devices and maybe I feel this sudden urgent responsibility to my kids for them to have the chance at a childhood that isn’t filled with electronics.

I mean I know the world says otherwise, their homework is on a tablet for God’s sake, but I think it’s still worth a try.

Who knows but I’ll keep ya posted.

Also I can feel my confidence and commitment in this post.

Also that was a lie because I have the exact opposite emotions coursing through my veins.

Also, may I present to you today’s thirst trap.

Happy (Milo) Monday, friends.

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