Let It Be

I want to write something profound and brilliant.

I want to knock your socks off with an inspirational mantra.

I want to blow your mind with an insight so deep it makes you re-think everything you’ve ever thought.

But all I can think to say is this.

I’m exhausted.

Tapped out.

But also I feel amazing. Like my body is finally my home and my mood is finally elevated enough to function without threatening to destroy that light I’m gaining.

But also I’m over it and I want so many things to be done and I want to move on and I want things to change.

I want to be amazing but also I just want to be me.

My actual brain and the insides of my eyeball sockets feel like they could hibernate for a few winters before they, once again, become fully functioning.

I don’t really know what to do with any of that and I’m working on processing these opposite spectrum emotions and learning how to navigate dreams and desires and responsibilities in a world where I am both depleted and energized; tired and alive.

Where I have small numbers and little clout but big dreams and unlimited desire.

I don’t even think I have a point here except to say that it’s okay if you’re all the things.

It’s okay if you are a feeling person in a confusing world.

And I think what I really want to say is screw this skewed world that equates success with large numbers and high dollars.

It’s okay if you never take your passions and turn them into profits and you are brave for exploring your limits even if no one says it.

Do all the things with purpose or do nothing at all with joy and just know that your existence is magnificent even if your post likes are minimal.

It’s not the numbers that determine your value nor is your value determined by how many people see you or praise you or cheer you on.

And it’s not determined by how much you do or what you accomplish.

I find the best people are the unnoticed and the underrated.

All that matters is that we do what we do with kindness and authenticity and love.

Keep going, friends.

Even if no one is watching.

Scratch that.

Especially when no one is watching.

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