Milo Monday

Not to like harp on a certain situation but it looks like I am going to soooo…

… for the one hundredth time I am mentioning that I am phasing out my social media. The reasons are 3,000 fold and I’m sure I’ll be blogging all about them in the coming weeks but believe it or not, that’s not what this post is about. That is just what I like to call a preface to the point.

The actual point is that I have some traditions on my insta-stories. Traditions that I believe to be worth continuing in this space.

Insert tradition #1: Milo Mondays.

The point of said Mondays is to start our day off with the face of an objectively beautiful man which probably scientifically releases some sort of seretonin but basically I just think he’s pretty. Now, I don’t know who this person is on the inside but I still adore him and I have my reasons. Three of them to be exact.


  1. His face. I mean, facts.
  2. His voice. Maybe more subjective, but go ahead and listen to him talk and I challenge you to not be entranced.
  3. His social media. Let me dive into this one. He is notorious for “photo dumps” on Instagram. For those of us who have are still learning the social media lingo, I will translate. He doesn’t post for what a long time. An eternity to be exact. And then all of a sudden, the clouds part and we are graced with hundreds of selfies and his adventures. But, that’s now what I adore. Ok, I adore it a little. But what I truly adore is that you, me, essentially his fans, can’t comment. Only the people HE follows can comment. Which means he has approximately three comments per post. Which, to me, says that he is posting purely for his joy and not for algorithms or numbers or fame and THAT is sexy AF.

I also feel the need to insert a disclaimer and also a fun fact.

Disclaimer: yes, I am a happily married woman.

Fun fact: my husband took me to see The Art of Racing in the Rain and that, fellas, is how you treat a lady. I fell even more madly in love with that man that day. And by “that man” I mean both my husband and Milo.

Insert LOL emoji here.

Oh and hey, if you feel like it, drop your celebrity crush in the comments because, well, I don’t have a reason other than I’m just nosy!

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