An Invitation

My sister just said the most brilliant thing to me and I must share:

“Are you solving the problem or are you creating a new one.”

Every single one of us should pause and ask ourselves this as we fight for the causes that speak to our souls.

Are we fixing the problem or are we making it worse?

Jesus, that’s genius.

So, as I lose 100 or more followers for even mentioning the word politics and common sense in the same sentence, here’s my invitation:

Really reflect on that statement as you take to your social media platforms and profiles and post information (or misinformation) about politically charged topics.

Let that statement soak in as you react to news in the world and take to organizing protests and participating in sit ins.

What are you helping?

Who are you hurting?

Just an invitation to make an informed decision before you try changing the world and its ways.

In doing so I bet what you will find is that change doesn’t always need to happen out in the world but it needs to happen within our own selves.

And changing ourselves.

Self control and awareness.


That, my friends, is how we change the world.

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