Thursday Thoughts: Thanksgiving Edition

I only have one thought I’m thinking today and other than all the delicious food I plan to consume, it’s this.

Well, hold on, I actually have a little more suspense that I think I’d like to build up.

Yea. I do. I could go into a whole spiel (read shh-peel because who knows how to spell that word anyway?) about being grateful for our blessings and that it is the little things that matter most and even if you find yourself to be disconnected or sans kosher with blood relatives on this highly debated holiday, then I hope you are eating something yummy or having worthwhile conversation with your chosen family buuu-uuuut…

I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll be getting that message in all of your feeds on this Thursday so instead I’ll leave you with a one you may not be seeing much of this holiday season:

Close your feeds.

Turn off your notifications.

Let those screens fade to black without clicking on the side power button to check to see if you’ve somehow missed missed anything.

SPOILER ALERT: you haven’t.

Log out.

Take the picture just for you and let your people be themselves and capture the moment exactly as it is which is to say get yourself the most imperfect photograph there ever was so that when you look back at it in the coming years it will evoke the exact feeling you experienced on November 25, 2021 because I bet it’s one worth savoring because even if it’s not, it is.

Be present and enjoy the chaos my friends. I swear it’s better out here in the offline world.

Oh, also, Happy Thanksgiving!

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