Mental Health Mondays

You know how sometimes things run their course?

Like you’ve taken them as far as they can go and continuing the charade would just be redundant and oh I don’t know, embarrassing and annoying to everyone involved? Like hearing about it for the zillionth time would prompt the following Simon Cowell reaction?

Well that’s how I feel about Milo Mondays.

I know.

But believe it or not there’s only so many ways to incorporate a gorgeous man into a weekly post and I think I’ve officially found all the Milo pictures available to the masses on Google.

So I’m retiring Milo Monday. I mean he may make an appearance here and there but overall, we done.

But never fear, when one thing ends it leaves room for another to begin.

Enter: Mental Health Monday’s.

Mental health awareness is my jam. In fact, I think it may be my calling. Or maybe I just like talking about it and there is no greater purpose.

Who’s to say?

I’ve blogged about my mental illness multiple times. I’ve talked about my coping mechanisms and medications. I’ve given an overall picture of what it is like mothering in the mess but you know what, there’s just so much more to explore.

Like what it is like actually living with a mental illness. And not just surviving with one.

So what can I say for this Monday?

I don’t have much but I think that I just want to start these off by saying: the fact that I have a mental illness is not a weakness. I am not ashamed of it and I am not less of a human because I have one.

And neither are you.

The consequences of untreated mental illness are literally death and I just think that the more we talk about it, the more normal we make it to speak up and out against the darkness, the more people will ask for help.

And if one person who wasn’t gonna ask for help asks for help, then it is all worth it.

And also, Milo Monday needs a proper goodbye.

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