Once Upon a Time

Dearest children of the 21st century,

The story I am about to tell you is truly earth shattering.  Have a seat.

Once upon a time…there was a world.  A  world I like to call B.F.

And in this Before Facebook world, believe it or not, we took pictures…on a camera…with a roll of film…that we couldn’t see. In these pictures, we didn’t strive for perfect poses with flawless hair and heavy make-up. Well, maybe we did.  But in a different way. We stood, smiled and hoped for the best. We had no idea how our pictures looked until we took our roll of film to a store and anxiously awaited for our prints to be ready.  Only then we knew if and how the moment was captured.

I kid you not, there actually was a time when we would eat a meal, and no one but us knew what we consumed.  Even more than that, it wasn’t considered entertaining to review our day’s menu with anyone in the human race.

I am telling you, there once was a world where we had to actually call our friends and family and set aside a special time and date to see the pictures documenting their lives and catch up on recent events…in person.

Dearest children,

In this post Facebook world you are misled to think everything you say and do is noteworthy and amazing.  There are some “Do Not’s” I would like you to remember.

Do not be fooled into thinking that sacred moments should be shared on your social media accounts for the world to review.

Do not exchange real time spent with loved ones for mindless online scrolling disguised as ‘news’.

Do not get caught up in believing that the ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’ on your pictures define your greatness.  Even more so, do not believe that the cowards behind the screen, who passively aggressively demean you, detract from your prowess.

Use these platforms for meaningful words. As an arena to reconnect with the amazing-ness of your past; to share the beauty of your future.

Do not be consumed by the jealousy it provokes and the unrelenting desire it brings to prove your worth to those who will never truly appreciate it.

There will come a day when your 13 and 23 year old self will cringe at  your present day social media accounts.

Use this platform for all the light it can bring and condemn if for all the negativity it breeds.


A 20th century kid who has straddled both worlds

*Originally posted December 29, 2016

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