Christmas Shopping Edition: The Aftermath

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I know y’all are anxiously awaiting a recap of how our intentional gift giving extravaganza went this year.



QUICK RECAP on the highlights:

I’m not going to lie, as I was wrapping things up I started getting a wee bit sweaty as the quantity of items was slim to none.

I had to give myself a couple of pep talks.

“It’s about quality.”

and also,

Christmas is about Jesus, not presents.”

It worked…


Ok, not really.

I did cave and rushed out to grab a couple last minute items. Mostly because #3’s pile was especially slim. Couldn’t have my little middle with the least number of boxes. He already is the middle child in birth order and personality.

I braved Walmart on Christmas Eve Eve because desperate times call for desperate measures.

I am actually quite glad I did, because his last minute item turned out to be

the coolest gift ever,”

per his words.

If you have a munchkin, buy Snap Circuits; no questions asked. It will provide hours of entertainment. I realize we are 48 hours into post Christmas havoc, but so far hours have been had.


I had fun rigging some circuits with him as did dad.

I found the 300 piece on Amazon for you here. I purchased the 100 piece from Walmart for half the Amazon price here.

The other must have item that my kids were crazy about was the LifeSmart Stacking Storage organizing containers. You can actually remove the slots and make the spaces bigger. They have each filled theirs to the brim and can easily carry their goodies all around town. I am thinking to stock up on more of these bad boys and get some for my sons as well. They stack nicely in the closet and are so far keeping the floors clear. Plus, they love having little treasures to carry around.

The Kindi Kids were bigger than I anticipated. I don’t know about you, but I don’t read the description of items often. So, I never know actual size. These dolls won’t fit in their organizer boxes, but their accessories will!

#1 was pretty stoked with the phone situation. Ground rules have been laid forth and we will see how long it takes before privileges are revoked.



We had a little mess to clean up, but everything has found its place and my kids are entertained and my pocket book is semi intact.

Hashtag goals. Hashtag winning.

I will be gift giving in this manner from here on out!


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with familly, friends, and loved ones be they near or far!

Now, it’s time to amp up for 2020 and if you have been to Walmart recently, apparently it’s time to prep for Valentine’s day.

Which reminds me, quick tip: Every year I struggle to find valentine boxes to make.

If you are on that scrambling-for-last-minutes-boxes band wagon, as you are cleaning up from Christmas joy, consider this:

Save some boxes to use for Valentine’s mail!

They will clutter our closets for a couple of months, but not gonna lie, I feel like a sly genius.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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