Christmas Shopping Edition: Want

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Well here we are; ten days before Santa arrives and the final category of our Christmas gift giving guide for this year.

The category my kids are probably most excited for and the one that was hardest for them to narrow down. I had them write out a list of their top five desires and then I went with whatever was the cheapest option. I am semi-kidding and mostly serious.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase.

#1 wants a cell phone. More specifically an iPhone 11 Pro. Sorry, bud, that’ll be a no. However, we have an account with Sprint for a mobile hot spot (no internet here in the country) and did you know that they charge an additional $50 per month if you do not have a telephone line associated with your account? Getting a telephone line is $40 per month.

Hashtag ridiculous.

They are making us live in a world where we are penalized for not having a cell phone.

I digress.

My husband and I have spoken at great lengths about the appropriate age we would allow our children to have a phone. Never seems about the right age; but that’s not necessarily realistic in this modern world.

I am sure there are all kinds of theories and opinions as to when it is the right time for a child to have a cell phone; but ultimately, I think it depends on the child.

End result: he is getting an LG Stylo 5 and a case to match.

No data.

Just text and talk.

It gives us ‘rents a sense of peace and security and our child a sense of growing up and responsibility.

We shall see how this works out.

Oh, and in case you are wondering: he is in sixth grade.

As I mentioned here, numbers 2, 4, and 5 are into teeny tiny dolls. Shopkins came first, then LOL, now something called Kindi Kids. Since I got them this organization case, I figured let’s make sure it is even more full than it would have been. They are each getting a Kindi doll and a mini scenery to go with.

#3 has asked for the biggest dinosaur ever. I should mention he is a paleontologist in training. He knows all the things about these prehistoric creatures. So, when I saw this, I knew it was calling his name.

And thank you Amazon Prime for two day shipping because even if you have yet to shop, you can still get it before Christmas! Which brings me to my next digression this post:

Thank you delivery men and women who work so hard; I have been working on a thank you snack box for these folks- I have heard they are a much appreciated act of kindness; that is what it is about after all.

That’s it folks. I am excited and curious to see these minions’ reactions to receiving one gift they really wanted and if it impacts how they play at all.

P.S. If you have yet to try Amazon Prime, you can get a 30 day free trial offer here!

Merry Christmas!

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