Christmas Shopping Edition: Need

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Tree is up.

Elf is out.

It is officially the Christmas season!

I talked about how we plan to shop for Christmas this year here. In line with intentional shopping, I have been taking notes as to what my children “need”. I use the term ‘need’ loosely. Fortunately, My kids really don’t need anything.

Initially, I was thinking snow gear. Then, I went on Amazon and saw that those little one piece snow suits cost upwards of $50 per child and I immediately decided that they would be wearing snow suits from our local consignment shop this year and every year there after.

I then contemplated socks and underwear because they always need it. But that felt equivalent to coal (no judgement), so I started looking around at what they could use. I don’t know about you but Shopkins, LOL dolls, and Pokemon trading cards have taken over my floors.

All the time.

As a result, we have decided that they “need” storage for these items.

If your house is like mine, I hope you find this helpful!

I found these ‘tiny toy’ multi-level storage tower caboodles and they are exactly what I have been looking for!

One for each girl, same color, no fights. These people speak my language because they also come with stickers to personalize them!

Hashtag winning.

The boys have received Pokemon binders multiple times for gifts. These have backfired because they want their cards out to play with and then I end up with both cards and plastic sleeves everywhere.

Hashtag not cool.

I am going for this storage case this Christmas in hopes that they can keep their cards contained but easily access them for battle.

And you can bet they will also be marked with sticker letters so there is no dispute as to which pack belongs to who.

And, that’s all they need folks.

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