Christmas Shopping Edition: Read

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This year for Christmas we are doing something a little different. We are being intentional with our gift giving. You can read the full scoop here, and again here, but that is basically the jist.

It is important to me that my kids enjoy reading.

Which is weird, because I don’t.

I like to write, but I am not a fan of reading. I love snuggling up with a hot cup of french- vanilla -creamer-infused-coffee and an excellently written television show. Think This is Us. Which I’ve also written about my infatuation with said series here.

I digress.

Back to my point.

Although I am not a fan of reading, I am a fan of watching my children do so. It makes me feel like I am winning at the parenting game. So, this year I have committed to filling their stockings with books.

Not just books, but book they will actually read.

My first born son loves all things anime. And kindness related. Think Wonder. I found this amazing sequel and it has his name on it!

My oldest daughter is developing a love for cooking. Currently her skills involve heating carrots in the microwave and creating an appetizer by putting tooth picks in each one. If she is gonna make a mess in my kitchen, it should at least be delicious. I came across t his fabulous cookbook through Usborne and I am lookng forward to the day I can delegate dinner making to this munchkin.

My second son, third in line, middle child, is a “why” kid. He wants to know all the things He asks all the how does this work questions. I stocked up on some why books from Usborne for him here. I think he will really enjoy these titles.

Child #4, daughter #2 loves learning and homework. When I saw this workbook I figured it would keep her busy for a couple of hours. I also purchased this book for her because anything Frozen related is always a hit.

Lastly, child #5, daughter #3, who is three was challenging. I opted for this book and this dry erase work book.

If you are looking for some fabulous books this Christmas, I want to give my Usborne girl a shout out. YOu can check her goodies out here!

Side note: this year grandma got all of my kids a subscription to highlights magazine. December has arrived and it is terrific. Kids love getting mail and having something to do! Winning. You can check subscriptions here folks!

That sums up the creation of our at home library this Christmas.

…And to all some happy reading!

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