Christmas Shopping Edition: Wear

When it comes to fashion my kids are inventive.

When it comes to clothes, they are picky.

When it comes to sizing, they are Goldilocks.

Everything is either too big or too small. It doesn’t fit right or my favorite:

“It doesn’t feel right.

They have never been able to elaborate as to what right feels like, but all I know is that it isn’t anything in their closet. So when I find something that they will wear, I am going to scream it from the roof tops.

For the last decade-ish I have been a die-hard Target shopper. Recently, all the Target’s in my area decided to aim for department store feel and pricing. But, not so much department store quality or fit.

As a result, I have been forced to look elsewhere for my trusty shopping needs.

I’m looking at you, resale.

I have avoided Walmart like the plague for yeeeeeears. Crowds are a no for me. As are lines. and waiting. However, when my dad was in town, he wanted to go Christmas shopping with the grands and we ended up at Wally World.

Um, Walmart– you have upped your A-game. The Time and Tru brand is all the heart eye emojis. I was highly distracted by all the cute goodness and reasonable pricing.

But, this is about the kids.

Which let me say, that each and every child found an outfit they love.

And wear.

And don’t want to take off.

Pardon me while I stock up on said outfits for the apocalypse.

And it fits in perfectly for their ‘something to wear’ gift. (You can read about our intentional gift giving trial this year here, here, and here. Insert all the self plugs. ).

For child #1: He likes athletic pants and shirts. Comfy, loose, but not long or big, are his jam. He is digging these and as a result so am I. I got him two shirts, a pair of pants, and the legging things that they wear under shorts as faux pants.

Child #2 She wants to be Harley Quinn. So basically if its red, gold, and doesn’t have a button or a zipper I think I am good. This is her new favorite outfit, and now she’ll have more ‘inspired by’ Harley Quinn outfits. She is also a boots only kind of gal, so I got her these boots for Christmas!

Child #3 He wants soft and warm and completely matching. He wants it to say size 6/7 (that’s how old he is bee-tee-double-you) and he wants that size to fit, even if it doesn’t. Thank you Walmart for coming in clutch. He loves this sweatshirt with the holes for thumbs and corresponding pants; so I got him a few colors in these.

Child #4 She is my “It doesn’t feel right” child. I’m not sure what that means, but I know that this shirt and these Garanimals leggings feel “just right” so she’s got a few more in different colors coming this Christmas. I mixed and matched outfits like these.

Child #5 She loves ruffles and fluffles. She loves Minnie and Frozen; could not ask for a better find. I cannot wait for her to open these adorable outfits in a couple weeks.

Basically, Wonder Nation, Garanimals, Russell Athletics, and Athletic Works are where it’s at for this group. Oh, and here’s a link to the boots! And the Disney outfits!

P.S. NOT an affiliate post!

P.P.S. If you like Christmas jammies, I bought matching p.j.’s for family pictures this season from Amazon. They are festive and warm, but I wouldn’t recommend them as they were expensive and already have fading with holes in the seams after one wash. But, if you wanna read the reviews yourself, there’s a non-affiliate link here.

Hope this was helpful for any struggling mom and pops out there who need quality clothing at an affordable price that their kids will actually wear.

The struggle is real.

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