Milo Monday and Christmas Chill

You know what my favorite part of being off of social media during the holiday season is? Not worrying about all the things I should be doing with my kids. I know there are tons and tons and tons of Christmas events going on that range from free to college savings and historically, I have beat myself up over the fact that we either don’t participate because we just don’t want to but social media muddles the lines of what we want versus wanting it because someone else has it. And then I beat myself up over the fact that even if I wanted to participate I couldn’t because even if it is technically affordable when you have a family of seven, nothing is affordable.

But that’s probably a different blog post. Moving on.

Because of the relief I have found by not seeing what everyone else is doing at Christmas I have hesitated posting this but also I needed blog content sooooo I’ll add a disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: if driving or lights are not your thing then don’t let this post make you wonder if it really is your thing. Do your things that bring you all the joy.

We have basically one thing that we do at Christmas that we have to do at Christmas because I absolutely loooooove it and that is drive around and look at Christmas lights and lighted Christmas decorations on all the people’s houses.

I am not a fan of crowds or schedules and so being alone in our car at any point after sunset is pretty much my ideal situation. The only other reason I am sharing this little free-minus-the-cost-of-gas activity is that my kids really enjoyed it and it’ll give you a reason to check out Dollar General so winning.

To jazz up our annual Christmas lights extravaganza (obviously building up the event here) we took some hot chocolate with us. Now, hot chocolate in a car with kids sounds like a nightmare.

Enter Dollar General.

They have adorable to-go Christmas cups with lids and they are 2/$1 AND candy cane spoons that are 6/$1.

I’m sorry, can you ask for more?

So. If you want a chill Christmas activity with a twist here’s the recipe:

  • Get your self some cheap to go cups
  • Make the hot chocolate
  • Add the marshmallows
  • Stir with the peppermint spoon
  • Put on the lid and also PRO TIP: don’t let your kids put on the lid otherwise you may as well forget the lid.
  • Load your car with your people
  • Head out for a night of free and relaxed Christmas cheer.

Also, I wanted to see what it would be like to be like a food blogger and tell a whole big story and then give an obvious recipe at the very end of the post.

Also, it’s Monday so if you are here for the Milo…

You’re welcome.

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