Crowd Control

I don’t know about your social media feeds but mine is inundated with both memories and reflections of the fact that it is a little over a year since the world was told that it was facing a global pandemic and that the human species would be required to become ZOOM aficionados.

And while I think we could all go on…

and on…

and on…

and on (I threw this one in for good measure)…

about our own experiences and lessons and opinions, I have been consumed over my concern about how to adjust to the next phase of our existence in a post pandemic world.

I have been noticing an increase in my chest tightness as rumors of resuming social functions as early as the fourth of July swirl in our news cycles and my intrusive thoughts are having a field day with the idea of returning to a world of community events that involve crowds.

Case and point: A few days ago I had to make an impromptu grocery store run because curbside pick up wasn’t available and I had an actual panic attack in the parking lot.

I mean I have enjoyed the social distancing aspect to the point that it is probably a character flaw and I did not realize how much social anxiety contributed to my battle with mental illness.

All that to say, in case you have noticed an uptick in your anxiety just know that you are not the only one and just as we against the odds acclimated to a virtual world I believe we are resilient enough to re-adapt ourselves in a face to face one.
*Originally posted on Rebel Housewife social media

2 thoughts on “Crowd Control

  1. THANK YOU. I can relate to this so strongly and it makes me feel broken sometimes. A similar thing happened to me on Saturday as I had to pick up my computer from the Apple store at the mall… there were people shoulder to shoulder there and I, a 30 year old mother and wife, was literally shaking on my way back to my car with tears in my eyes because I just experienced a crowd like that for the first time in well over a year. It was really embarrassing and I don’t experience embarrassment easily if at all… so thank you for sharing because I think a lot of us are going through this but struggle to talk about it.

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