Thursday Thoughts: I Don’t Have Any Sensical Ones

I’m trying to access the part of my brain that does the thinking but it seems to have gone dormant.

Or maybe I have too many thoughts and I can’t organize them into coherent sentences.

So maybe I’ll just write them all down for your reading pleasure.

For starters, I’m devastated (and I wish I could find a stronger word that encompasses my emotions but devastated is as close as I can come) that COVID numbers are on the rise and that hospitals are full again and that health care workers are stretched to the God damn max. I am truly concerned about the future of our health care system because as a health care worker, we can’t sustain this. And as a heath care worker my least favorite thing to say or hear being said to a patient who is hoping for healing is, “there’s nothing else we can do.”

It seems like we actually have invented a way to time travel because just like that we are back to April 2020.

Next up on my mind is that it’s still 2021. I don’t think I realized that we had another full week of 2021 after Christmas. I thought it was just like a hop skip and a jump away but damn, 2021 is taking as long to end as the pandemic.

And then I took my #5 for her second COVID vaccine (and let’s save all the vaccine opinionated commentary for another post or better yet not at all) and as we were spending our 15 minute post vaccine wait time in the hospital hallway I looked down at the rows of people. Every single one of them was slouched over with their phone in one hand, scrolling with the other. It looked like a mindless social media factory being poured into the hospital and I just wanted to scream out “LOOK UP!”

But, I didn’t because then what?

Which reminds me Don’t Look Up on Netflix with Leonardo DiCaprio (he’s still yummy) and Jennifer Lawrence (she’s still hilarious) is fucking genius, man. I laughed my ass off while also quietly dying inside because the parallel social commentary is both tragic and on point. If you are into the sort of movie that has the best actors and the best writing and gives you an escape from reality while simultaneously bringing you back to it, I highly recommend.

And if you end up watching that movie and like it then scroll over on your Netflix movie options to Death to 2021 for another hilariously tragic take on reality through a faux documentary lens. It comes backed with all the elements of great comedy including real news footage, faux reporters, faux social media CEOs, and a fucking hilarious commentary on current events.

And if after watching both of those, you still like me and this blog…

…then I’d like to say:

See ya back here in 2022 and Happy New Year, my friends!

Since I mentioned vaccines in this post, I feel inclined to share reliable information, with you, about them. Now, if you don’t trust health care professionals, science, or those who want the pandemic to end, then this isn’t for you because what I consider reliable information comes from all the aforementioned sources.

If you are someone who is considering vaccination and feel like you need more information, then this is for you.

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